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Empowering Greatness

 Chad appearing on Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood. 

Chad appearing on Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood. 

Coach Chad strives for greatness in all areas of his life. As a professional ultra-marathoner, he covered distances of 100 miles in a single day many times in his career. He has embraced a vegan diet in 1996 as a way of life, but his main goal is to inspire people to feed their bodies and their mind. He also teaches people to overcome their mental blocks.  Coach Chad believes that with the right fuel and mental clarity one can accomplish anything.  When people discover Coach Chad’s principled lifestyle and remarkable determination they often wish to learn more.  In an effort to share his success with others, he offers seminars and lectures on a variety of topics. Listen to Coach Chad's interview on Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood discussing running, nutrition, coaching, modeling and more.  


  • Success in running and in life
  • Staying positive & your higher self
  • Trusting one's abilities & embracing happiness
  • Remaining motivated & reclaiming inner power
  • Finding your true purpose 
  • Practice, Patience, Persistence, Perseverance, = Success


  • Corporate Events
  • College & University     
  • Athletic Organizations & events 
  • Elementary, Middle, and High School Assemblies


Contact us to book your event with Coach Chad. A dynamic public speaker and engaging individual, Coach Chad's story is an inspiring and relatable one making it ideal for a wide range of audiences. Whether you're looking to turn your life around or take your success to take to the next level, "Coach Chad" is prepared to take you there with powerful anecdotes and practical advice for living a happy, healthy and productive life.